Touch Multifiber

Touch Multifibre is a high quality polyamide fiber of 1500 to 2400 microfilaments (depending on the gauge). It is pre-stretched in a special process and then twisted to form the Kirschbaum’s Touch Multifibre core. This multifilament inner construction is responsible for the extraordinary playing qualities and is protected against abrasion by a ball-biting PV coating. It has several decisive advantages: high comfort, less stress on the arm and very gut playing characteristics.

“For a long time I used a synthetic gut in my racquet but I was not satisfied. Later I tried a natural gut that I liked but had the disadvantage of been very expensive and lost tension fast. My stringer offered me Kirschbaum’s Touch Multifibre. He told me that even during stringing, it has the same behavior that of natural gut showing the same air bubbles and breaking in the same stranded way. Beyond these technical questions, I used it and was pleased with the playability, comfort and precision in my game that allowed me to set up some positions in my ranking.

“Great string. It’s soft and has plenty of control. After trying so many strings, I think I’ll stick with this one. It’s in a Yonex RDS 002 Tour at 57 lb. Compared to Wilson NXT Tour 17, this string feels softer. The feel is similar to Klip Venom, but slightly crisper and more powerful. I’ve only played for 4 hours with it, so I can’t comment on durability, but I very rarely break strings anyways. Hopefully it holds tension as well as NXT Tour. ”

Mike, NYC, NY. 12/07




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