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Touch Classic

Touch Classic Technology

The Kirschbaum's Touch Classic consists of a high-grade synthetic gut core witch generates superior comfort and maximum touch. The string is protected from abrasion by using resistant coating fibers and the specially developed heat curing process that grants playing characteristics. The Kirschbaum's Touch Classic has more responsiveness and therefore is suitable for players seeking a diversified serve and volley.


I love to serve and volley and to touch the ball. I'm not a string breaker the anyway the strings didn't last me long and I noticed that they moved a lot. When I switched to Touch Classic I noticed the difference. It's a string of great comfort and that gives me a lot of confidence touching the ball, because of the control and life lasting properties.

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

Always in search of exploring new technologies aimed to satisfy all the player's demands, we developed Touch Classic. It is a synthetic string made with superior materials and processes that gives great comfort and control for an extended lifetime. It is good for all those that want comfort for both serves and volley's with a special touch in their shots.

Player comment

“No problems during stringing. Stretches a lot. Although the string has been on the market for quite some time, I still enjoy playing it. It's a nice soft string which is highly recommendable for players with arm problems. Nice touch. My reference string when comparing racquets.”
Reviewer - Stringforum.net 07/01

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