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Super Smash Spiky

Super Smash Spiky Technology

Kirschbaum's Super Smash Spiky is the only polyester string with patented texture for added spin potential (US patent 6117383). The special angle of inclination of the spikes gives the optimum grip to the ball enhancing the spin. Kirschbaum SUPER SMASH SPIKY is designed for players demanding both ultimate power and control in a spin oriented and durable string. Five gauges available to the market.


“I play in all courts but have a preference for clay courts, maybe because I get more from my style with lots of spin and heavy balls. I recently switched to Super Smash Spiky from some polyester. I still remember the first tournament I played with Spiky. I was playing finals and in the last game made a very heavy shot and a lot of topspin backhanded. The ball returned went to the net and won the set match. Definitively this string gave me the spin, the control and the durability that I was looking for. My satisfaction goes beyond winning that tournament; it is in the improvement of my performance that I value.”

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

I had commented before regarding Super Smash Spiky that even if it seems an exaggeration this string is like a son for me. This string is a variation from the popular Super Smash but with a rough surface. It is the first string that we patented because of its unique condition and also for the number of gauges in witch it is made (5 gauges!). It's much recommended for players that like to play with a lot of topspin.

Player Comment

“A great string!! If you want durability, lots of spin and heavy hits, this is the one!! My game definitively went up. I recommend it to all my college players and they are fond of.”
From Aggie, San Diego, California TW

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