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Super Smash Orange

Super Smash Technology

The most popular polyester string worldwide for years the Kirschbaum Super Smash has been revisited and added with the advances that new materials and technology has provided, while being faithful to the pops, feel and precise power that players love.

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

To say that a product is like a brain child may sound too much, but this is what I feel with Super Smash. Eighteen years ago this string was absolutely innovative and continues to deliver. Now this new version delivers more requirements from players like you: Power& Control with Comfort.

Power/Control & Comfort

Kirschbaum's SUPER SMASH ORANGE is the modern version of the worlds famous Super Smash (Honey). Super Smash Orange meets the needs of any Match situation perfectly. Provides soft or precise shots with good control. Hard shots with explosive power!!

Player Comment

I was looking for a polyester string that doesn't loose tension and this is definitively a new version of Super Smash string. I'm a player who practices 4 hour a day and I can't complain. I hit with a lot of spin (which is a plus to SUPER SMASH ORANGE that gives so ample topspin) but always with a degree of comfort that was not found so easily in Super Smash.
From Eddy, Bay Harbor Florida 09/12


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