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Spiky Shark

Spiky Shark Technology

The Kirschbaum Spiky Shark is based on ten years of know how from the Super Smash Spiky with its diagonal surface structure. The new Spiky Shark is equipped with an octagonal teeth profile parallel to the string. Using a specially developed technique we accomplish peaks for an optimum grip at the ball to ensure the best slices and spin transfer. (US Patent 6117383) - SPIKY SHARK: a new meaning in spin transfer.

For Spin

“I serve with lot's of kick and my ball takes a tremendous acceleration. I raise my shots when I feel that my opponent will have difficulties to return my hits. It's incredible how Spiky Shark improved my game and the confidence that gave to me.

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

Building upon the immense experience that Super Smash Spiky gave us, we develop an absolutely innovative string like that one in its moment. The upstanding characteristics are its eight-dented profile that transfers a tremendous spin to the ball retaining a great playability. We are sure that Spiky Shark will give as much satisfaction as Super Smash Spiky gave us. Why the name Shark? Because of the shape of its teeth that bites the ball like a shark.

Player Comment

“It's one of the best strings I've ever used. Has great feeling of the ball and it's really soft. The spin potential is great and the tension doesn't drop as fast as other poly's.”
Choi Leonardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11/08 TW

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