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Pro Line Evolution

Pro Line Evolution Technology

The Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution is based on four years of know how from the Pro line II material composites. Using a specially developed technique we accomplish peaks for an optimum grip at the ball to ensure the best slices and power transfer.

For Power

“I serve with lot's of kick and my ball takes a tremendous acceleration. I raise my shots when I feel that my opponent will have difficulties to return my hits. It's incredible how Pro Line Evolution improved my game and the confidence that gave to me.”

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

Building upon the footprints of Pro Line II, we added a new light weighted pigment that lowers the density of the string without changing its performances. The upstanding characteristic is that with the same force, the racquet gets more speed and playability. We are sure that Pro Line Evolution will give as much satisfaction as Pro Line II gave us.

Player Comment

“I have been playing with Pro Line 17 (red) and liked it. Began to demo racquets so at the same time tried new strings. The Evolution 17(blue) was just as advertised. It added power and additional spin without losing control. It added a little MPH and action on the serve and still gave me the feel for lobs and touch volleys. From the first hit it was great! I will now use the Evolution 17 and not buy a new racquet until spring. I don't break strings so the 17 should perform just fine. I am looking forward to see how it performs in the heat of the Texas summer! I will admit the blue strings do help to focus between points!”
From:Andrew 12/11 TW


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