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Helix Technology

Kirschbaum's Helix is based on the knowhow from Proline II material with a twisted fiber manufacturing Process. The new Helix is equipped with an helicoidally profile wrapping the string. Using a specially developed technique we accomplish peaks for an enhanced grip at the ball to ensure the best slices and spin transfer without compromising tension maintenance and playability - Helix: a new meaning in comfort.

For Spin, power and endurance

“One of the softer playing Kirschbaum co-poly monofilaments, Helix offers some nice ball pocketing and excellent control. As with other Kirschbaum co-poly strings, tension maintenance is impressive compared to competing monofilaments. This spin-friendly offering is a great choice for power hitters looking to maximize control and durability without sacrificing feel. This string is helically wound in a multistage twisting process followed by a heat setting process for increased elasticity, playability, control and tension maintenance.” TW review - March 2010

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

Building upon the experience that the co-polyester melding of Proline II gave us, we wanted to go further and develop an absolutely innovative string making more of the latest advances in manufacturing processes. The upstanding characteristics are its multifilament twisted profile that transfers a spin to the ball retaining a great playability without compromising the tension maintenance. We are sure that Helix will give as much satisfaction as Proline II gave the players during the 3 last years.

Player Comment

“I was really satisfied with Proline II but when Helix came to my hands I couldn’t avoid trying it. I thought I was playing with the best string ever, but Helix gave me more comfort, more Top Spins and tension maintenance. It's the best strings I've ever used and I tried a lot. Has great feeling of the ball and it's really soft. The spin potential is great and the tension doesn't drop as fast as other poly's”

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