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Basic Poly

Basic Poly Technology

The Kirschbaum's Basic Poly is made basically from the same materials that of those of Super Smash Honey but without the technical refinements and developments of a superior second-generation poly to achieve a competitive price. Only comes in Reels of 18g (1.20mm); 17g (1.25mm); 16g (1.30mm).


“I play a lot of tournaments during the year. The number of strings I break is quite high and the cost goes along with it. I used diverse polyester strings with various gauges till I chose Kirschbaum's Basic Poly. I found a very good poly string at a very affordable price. This allowed me to lower my gauge from 16g to 17g that is a thinner string and found a positive difference in power and spin transfer while saving a considerable amount without loosing string quality.”

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

Basic Poly was one of the first Kirschbaum launches to the market and still around after 20 years. Basically are the same materials that of the Super Smash Honey, but without the technical sophistications and after process curing. It aims to an economic market offering high quality string.

Player Comment

“It's an economic string. I had good feel with it. Club players can play it without any problem, it is on the same level with a synthetic gut.”
Reviewer comment - stringforum.net 12/08

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