Synthetic Gut Multi

The Kirschbaum Sinthetic Gut Multi is a 500 to 400 microfilaments (depending on the gauge) high-grade polymer fiber. This multifilament construction is responsible for the extraordinary playing qualities . The decisive advantages of Kirschbaum’s Touch Multifibre are super comfort, less arm strain and very natural gut playing characteristics.

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Synthetic Gut Multi Technology

The Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut Multi is a 400 to 400 microfilaments of synthetic gut fiber. It is afterwards twisted to form the Kirschbaum’s Synthetic gut Multi. This multifilament construction is responsible for the playing qualities. The advantages of Kirschbaum’s Synthetic Gut Multi are  comfort, less arm strain and very natural gut playing characteristics.




“For a long time I used a synthetic gut in my racquet but I was not satisfied. Later I tried a natural gut that I liked but had the disadvantage of been very expensive and lost tension fast. My stringer offered me Kirschbaum’s Synthetic Gut Multi.  I used it and was pleased with the playability and comfort that allowed me to set up some positions in my ranking.

Player comment

“Great string. The feel is similar to Klip Venom, but more powerful and way less expensive. I’ve only played for 4 hours with it, so I can’t comment on durability, but I very rarely break strings anyways.

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

We where seeking a string with same behavior as natural gut but made of synthetic that was as affordable as a regular sinthetic Gut . The answer was found with this multifilament construction of 500 to 400 microfilaments . This is a superior string that since we placed it in the market and we can tell that the feedback received from players is excellent, minding the extraordinary natural-gut like playability achieved but with a much affordable price.


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