3 Pack Set – Pro Line X

Pro Line X Technology

Based on our 20 years of experience in Tennis string manufacturing and the last 4 With fourth generations co-poly´s like Pro Line II, we developed a new formulation for the precision seekers. Pro Line X offers tournament players an extraordinaire mixture of Control and spin potential with tension maintenance. A constant dynamic response of the string bed and the maintenance of the installed string tension grants steady playing characteristics and performance.

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For Precision

“Kirschbaum´s PLX is a new-generation soft polyester with enhanced mixture to improve dynamic features. These include a light weighted pigment similar to the Pro Line Evolution to improve power, with enhanced proportions of tension maintaining polyesters. PLX offers powerful playability combined with immense control and durability.”

Player Comment

“Firm and predictable, Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17 is a co-polyester that performs well on groundies, serves, and volleys. Big hitters will have no problem manipulating depth and trajectory. Kirschbaum pre-stretches this one to preserve tension and playability. Spin comes very easy. Our TW testers loved the control of this one. I have hit this string in the Prestige Midplus which is my current racquet of choice. It offers a crisp and very controlled/precise feel. The power level is low, but not excessively so. Spin is excellent. If you like crisper feeling co-polys, then I think you’ll really like this one.”
From Chris 05/12 TW.

Meet the designer: Horst Kirschbaum

The family line of Pro Line II spin-off for control and precision. It comes from a development of new materials and mastering the low temperature fusion at which they are processed. The result is a string that feels similar to a synthetic gut regarding playability but with all the virtues of Poly’s. This is a special string that does not move and hold tension much longer.

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