A very high performance co-polyester, offering plenty of control and maximum durability. Ideal for those who use racquets with very open string patterns or who cut the strings very often.

The Kirschbaum Competition has been developed out of a working relationship with our clay court players. Premium quality co-polymers and complex production procedures and controls are combined to produce this new string that meets the demand of modern day clay-court players.

“I play almost every weekend and I also play some tournament in my category. I like to hit hard and obviously my strings don’t last too long and after an hour or so into the game the ball begins to fall outside the court. This changed with Competition from Kirschbaum.

I doubted to change strings because I feared that I would not feel comfortable. I was asked to try Competition at 55 Lbs and immediately noticed the difference. At the beginning I felt the ball did not flew but I began to play loosely and hit the ball harder and harder. All my shots passed the net into the court and felt very comfortable. I short this weekend I won the tournament and really I felt unbeatable.”

“Probably the best string around. I’ve been hitting about 4 hours a day for the last 2 weeks and haven’t felt any tension drop or wear in the string. Good power and moderate control, but I use a heavy topspin so it’s all right for me. I can’t wait till I get my reel of COMPETITION.”

Jim from Naples, Florida 02/04 TW




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